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our services

  • Service General

    General Servicing & Repairs

    We go above and beyond the standard servicing package and give you more than a simple oil change and quick check. Our technicians will also do a thorough inspection of suspension components, bushing, shocks and brakes and rotate tyres as needed.

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  • service - auto transmission

    Auto transmission flush and serving

    We are one of the only workshops in the Franklin area who offer a full transmission flush. While other traditional methods may only drain 60% of the old oil, our transmission machine ensures we get at least 95% replaced, thus extending the life of your transmission in the process.

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  • service_AirCon

    Air conditioning and cooling systems

    With our extensive experience, we are well accustomed to dealing with small to large fleets of vehicles. We can ace your fleet maintenance and keep a schedule to ensure your business keeps on ticking without any mechanical hiccups.

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  • service - battery


    Don't treat a modern-day battery with an old-school method. Our new age testing equipment and chargers give you the best result. If your battery does need replacing, we have longstanding relationships with local suppliers which enable us to offer a same-day fix or replacement.

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  • service - diagnostic

    Diagnostic testing and scanning

    We have two diagnostic scanners onsite which can communicate with almost every make and model of light vehicle on the market – and a technician with over nine years experience in the field. We take out all of the guess work and stress for you and interpret the data into an easy-to-read diagnostic report. If your vehicle does need work we repair on site, using trusted suppliers and genuine manufactured parts.

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  • Stabilus Gas%C2%A0Stays

    Gas Stays

    We are an official supplier of Stabilus Gas Stays, which are tailor made for all of the leading brands including Holden, Ford, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen and Porsche

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  • Service - WOF

    Warrant of Fitness

    Life is busier than ever, so we offer a 45-minute turnaround on WOFs for cars, utes, light trucks and vans, with all completed to Land Transport Safety Authority requirements.  We can also perform WOFs on most campervans, caravans and trailers.

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