Meet our new face: Finn Williams

AutoCare Pukekohe new man to the team

AutoCare Pukekohe catches up with our new face: Finn Williams

Finn joined our team at Autocare Pukekohe around 10 months ago. After spending the most part of 2 years traveling out of the area for work Finn decided it was time to work closer to home. 

His enthusiasm and drive to succeed has made his transition to the Autocare Pukekohe Family seamless. Finn's had a passion for the automotive industry from an incredibly young age. From helping his dad fix the lawn mower to helping his Pop restore old tractors, his passion does not stop there.

He is the proud owner of a Ford MK2 Escort that he has spent many hours of his time tidying up. 

Finn brings knowledge from a dealership background and is also building knowledge with the variety of vehicles we see here at Autocare Pukekohe daily.

We are excited to have Finn as a part of our team and look forward to him being with us for years to come. 


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